Steve Harvey breaks down in tears at the podium.

Steve Harvey breaks down in tears at the podium.

Steve Harvey breaks down in tears at the podium. Name something you’d hide in the birthday cake you’d bake for your man in jail.

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13 Responses

  1. Carlos Escamilla says:

    Steve Harvey is definitely all Happy with these answers for the survey round. Blade/Shank: So get some more time. xD

  2. Jonathan Hamilton Jr (Big John) says:

    Steve Harvey is too funny!

  3. Christopher Pham says:

    Steve: Cigarettes! Please!
    Stephanie: Whoo!
    Steve: You playing. Just come on.
    Stephanie: Let’s go!
    Steve: Got no time for this here. What the hell you thinking to pass for? Sitting up in here like you fittin’ to guess the right answer.
    LOL 😄

  4. loveforeignaccents says:

    One could just write a love note; no need to sneak that into a cake, LOL.

  5. Yisroel says:

    Love when Steve said “ blade/ shank so he get some more time” 😂😂😂

  6. Charming🤴Prince says:

    No cake for Grandpa David Ellis, he doesn’t have a wife. 😂

  7. WolgonScout1990 says:

    “Knife/Shank” Steve: To add more time to your stay. Me: 😂 So true!

  8. Prolific Mindz says:

    I thought divorce papers would be on the board 😂

  9. TTVShadymarshman says:

    3:23 Steve laughing at number 5 had me 🤣🤣😂😂

  10. Lorraine Paz says:

    I can’t believe nobody even thought of a file, especially the ladies who seem to be at the age where they would remember references on TV shows and movies about hiding a file in a birthday cake for a prisoner.🙄

    • David Blue says:

      Hello 👋, how are you doing today; how’s everything going over there; hope it was a blessed day for you Lorraine?

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