Stipe Miocic reacts to Jon Jones’ UFC 285 win vs. Ciryl Gane | ESPN MMA

Stipe Miocic reacts to Jon Jones’ UFC 285 win vs. Ciryl Gane | ESPN MMA

ESPN MMA’s Brett Okamoto speaks with former heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic after Jon Jones submitted Ciryl Gane to win the title. Miocic expresses confidence that he’ll be the one to beat “Bones” if they meet in July.

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51 Responses


    Never, but never underestimate Stipe Miocic

  2. Luke Baros says:

    Stipe is all business, straight to the point. You can tell he’s already laser focused and preparing. Can’t wait for this fight.

  3. myytdude says:

    We all know Stipe is the real number one contender. I’m glad Stipe has taken the time off he needed after his last loss. I think he presents some problems for Jones. He hits hard, has pretty good grappling and he’s a cardio machine. He’s a complete fighter. Gane has to reinvent himself on the grappling game if he wants to stay in the title picture for long. Jones put the entire heavyweight division on notice. Knockout power ain’t enough to be champion in the same division as Jon Jones. period.

    • jesse says:

      @alyxthug I completely agree with you. That was GOAT worthy performance. I don’t listen to most casuals…heck, Khabib, GSP, and Jon himself have all hailed Gane as being the best heavyweight in the division. Coming from those 3, that’s gotta count for plenty.

    • jesse says:

      @l9o6p7a3k4a Fair enough. To help put things into perspective, Khabib, GSP, and even Jon himself have all hailed Gane as the best heavyweight in the division. I’m sure coming from them that says plenty.

    • Thomas Côté says:

      @l9o6p7a3k4a there’s no favorable matchup when you are champ.. you take the next in line and that’s it.. you gotta stop with the excuses seriously.. he’s been champ longer than when he wasn’t so how does he fkn pick his matchup.. Stipe will get Ragdoll also and Ngannou would have been too.. Bones is just a monster..

    • Carthaginian says:

      His last fight, he got knocked out stiff. He doesn’t deserve to fight for the title.

    • RS 6 says:

      Miocic would beat gane too with wrestling

  4. Big Bad Wolf says:

    I’m just glad these fights are taking place in a regular sized ring. That tiny ring that Francis knocked Stipe out in really doesn’t let the fighters use all their tools. A big octagon with Jones and Stipe is going to be a great fight

    • Skippy LaNoue says:

      ​@Nicky Bobby you may be right, but I’m thinking it’s a couple of years too late.

    • Nicky Bobby says:

      Stipe has had a lot of time off to prepare. And even more until July. But so has Jones. This is going to be a fight of the ages and nobody even sees it. They just think a walk in the park for Jones. People should be grateful this dream match is even happening. I know I am

    • Mitchell Johnson says:

      @Frank P Stipe is a lot better wrestler than Gane, but he’s old. We’ll have to see

    • frenchies frenchies says:

      Stop building excuses stipe time is finished already

    • Frank P says:

      No it won’t it will end in the 1st just like this fight

  5. Mac Lethal says:

    Francis Ngannou and Ciril Gane are both better at speaking English than Stipe Miocic is.

  6. Last_ Gasp21 says:

    Never underestimate Stipe.

    • Billy Portalatin says:

      @Exotic husky he beat francis and beat DC twice as well bro😂

    • Nicholas Loftus says:

      @J C 😊😊

    • Benn Venables says:

      @Indian Tony soprano you won the comment section with one word 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Rick says:

      ​@Exotic huskyJones doesn’t have any power in his hands unlike dc n francis. Styles make fights. Stipe is a great matchup.

    • Garrett Jones says:

      @l9o6p7a3k4a because I live in reality I’m fairytales on what could happen. Francis would last just as quick as this one. So yes it is a delusional take because it’s not likely

  7. 0vermars says:

    Stipe and Jones from THAT generation of straight up killers. Will be excited for these 2 to fight

  8. Turd Ferguson says:

    I hope Stipe brings his best, he hasn’t fought in 2 years but he was the best heavyweight.

    • LobotomyMeat says:

      @Filiprc you can absolutely become the he best by knocking someone out….Especially when you do it consistently.

    • Joseph Edric says:

      Look how Jon Jones went without a fight. Don’t make pre-excuses.

    • KodakBlacksBrain says:

      @Youngin Stipe also had multiple wars with DC and got KOed by DC and was older in the 2nd ngannou fight. Also had a bad game plan by coming in way lighter than usual and almost 15lbs lighter than their first fight which makes sense considering the shot that KOed Stipe he was walking through them in the first fight. It kinda goes both ways dude, but Ngannou is still overrated asf, no gas tank, bad grappling and only has a big left hook, what took him 25 minutes to do Vs Gane, Jon did it in 2 minutes. Ngannou would’ve had the same fate.

    • drummingtildeath says:

      Can’t believe it’s been two years already

    • Emmanuel Obot says:

      @Filiprc Francis still better than slippe

  9. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    You are so right when stipe speaks it’s very annoying that he doesn’t promote himself clearly. he doesn’t give enough emotions about fighting too his fans. If he improved his social skills it would improve his fan base. my opinion

  10. Redslayer86 says:

    Shame this fight didn’t happen in Stipes prime. This was a must see fight, 4 years ago.

    • Straight White Male says:

      Stipe at 35 would’ve crushed Jon. Now? I feel Jones might win by dec.

    • BigBoyTraks says:

      @Robbie Medica Give Reyes credit he might not be a great grappler, or the greatest boxer, but Reyes was VERY athletic and agile on his feet which presented trouble for Jones similar to on the feet what Gus did. Jones always had trouble with guys with good footwork.

    • BigBoyTraks says:

      @Pierre Fab Scared? That’s called using FIGHT IQ. Why would he fight into Ciryl strength? The goal is to win fights not put yourself in unnecessary danger. This is MMA not boxing, Ciryl weakness is wrestling only a fool would not take advantage. Jones did and won. Simple

    • Pierre Fab says:

      @FramrodLiggins Yea Jones is on such a different level that he was to scared to even exchange with the Ciryl for more then 3 punches of a 5 round fight.

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