Summer Anime 2022 in a Nutshell

Summer Anime 2022 in a Nutshell

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29 Responses

  1. Guided By Gil says:

    Uncle from Another World is a reverse isekai that feels like a sitcom. The dark comedic undertones of the Uncle’s adventures make it all the funnier.: The tally marks on the note book of how many times he has cleanse atrocious memories from his mind, his constant abuse due to his appearance, the Sega obsessed subplot & lack of pop cultural knowledge of the past 17 years is what makes this a hidden gem. It’s definitely worth watching. It has many more episodes to go, but I’d hope to add it to the S Tier Isekai like Konosuba or Devil is a Part Timer.

    • Isaac says:

      @Germs & Spices I don’t even know what point you are trying to make all I ever did was make a light hearted joke now I have bunch of people that want to argue with me.

    • Isaac says:

      @Ian R. Nava Huber I couldn’t care less I was just making a joke. I don’t why explain jokes to stupid people but I already know ReZero isn’t in his SS tier and he doesn’t even have one.

    • Lucy White says:

      sadly it wasn’t mentioned that Dio is actually voicing the uncle

    • Break The Warrior says:

      I hope it goes on for 17 years!

  2. Coldbattery: Movies Tributes And Music Video says:

    watching gigguk for years.
    can’t believe he’s a rock star touring around the world now.
    started from a guy using moviemaker doing anime review,
    to BBC,
    to worldwide tour.
    trash taste used to be a niche watching 3 friends talking shlt,
    now it’s a global sensation.
    keep moving forward king.

  3. Deuce Ditton says:

    “I’m just glad Rudeus Greyrat wasn’t reincarnated into one of these worlds”

    He literally was. Episode 7 or 8 we see Sauros (Eris’ grandfather) having sex with a slave. Second cour we see slavers attack the Doldia village. It’s stated that a group of nobles (presumably the Boreas Greyrats) buy them for a lot, clearly not for good purposes. (More examples ahead, but also spoilers)

    In the Light novels, slavers have literally tried to sell Rudeus sex slaves. He has actually bought 2 female slaves at this point, though not for sex (LN 17).

    • Nae says:

      @Keratinus Slaves are slaves

    • Wolf Cub says:

      @IanDresarie maybe we’re not talking about the same Julie? The dwarf girl is definitely a slave and I agree Linia is a stretch I was just saying that’s probably what the dude meant

    • Keratinus says:

      @harsh more i know i read the web novel already. The thing is, ‘buying a slave for your noble prince friend who can’t use earth magic’ and ‘buying slaves so you can f them’ are two different things. In the WN Rudeus buys 2 slaves. First is Julie, i already explained, and the second is an old friend that got into too much debt and got enslaved. Rudeus buys her from the slavers to save her life and then demands her to work however she wants and repay him the money he spent so he can release her. As you see he never buys slaves to have ‘fun’ and that’s why i said they are different.

  4. SonicHaXD says:

    7:36 I can’t help but laugh at the fact that GIGGUK VOICED THAT XD

  5. Kunal Mehra says:

    5:40 I dont know why i just laughed my ass off when gigguk laughed like that….it was contagious and i knew what he was going to say about Rent a girlfriend lol

  6. Liam says:

    Didn’t realize how much I missed “Anime in a Nutshell” until watching this and laughing with every cut. Welcome back man.

    • Kai says:

      @Sam Collins He does it right. Sometimes I discover a new channel with pretty good content but they trow some overused or just unfunny memes into it and after the third one I am just: nope.

    • Ereh says:

      ????????????????????? he was just gone for a month lmao

    • Kael Thunderhoof says:

      Aaaaaaand he’s gone

    • Sam Collins says:

      I’m always surprised at how his reviews are almost 100% my own views and how many damn new memes I end up finding in each new video such as “a succulent Chinese meal”, “your birds beef curtains aka English gamer” and now I need to know what this “it’s shit” meme is from!

  7. SaberofSpades says:

    With some experimentation, I actually found that the using fingers for glasses trick actually worked a bit, but it took very specific positioning. It was sudden, though. All of a sudden the blurry object I was looking at snapped into focus. Not on level with my actual glasses, but I could actually see details!

    • AlKorKrus says:

      I’m pretty sure everyone with glasses stopped the video at that moment to test how effective it was. -A Guy Who Did That

    • Siragon says:

      Isn’t that the same trick Suika uses in Dr Stone ? You know, before Senku creates glasses

    • Aayush Bhai says:

      Same here. Back when I didn’t wear glasses, I would do that with my hands to see the board in class.

  8. W. Trang says:

    Garnt on Stream: “Why do people think I’m the Incest guy?”
    …Also Garnt: “We need more incest anime” & “This incest anime is not incesty enough. Where’s the damn spice?”

  9. Danihacs says:

    As a person who’ve been watching Anime for 15 years, these opinions are absolutely fucking relatable and funny. I haven’t laughed this hard in a WHILE. Love you homie; for real Gigguk, I appreciate it.

  10. Panicked Pikachu says:

    Don’t sleep on Yurei Deco.

    Keep Your Hands off Eizouken meets Code Lyoko. The art style might not be for everyone, but the premise is strong enough to keep the viewer invested. It’s honestly my favorite anime this season, and I’m excited to see where the story goes from here.

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