The Most SATISFYING Golf Trick Shot!

The Most SATISFYING Golf Trick Shot!

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15 Responses

  1. MoonstormsLavakit says:

    This should not be as satisfying as it is

    Love it

  2. Jack sings says:

    As a better man once said “that’ll work”

  3. Lee Fetch says:

    You can see him move the cup to slightly improve his odds hes cold and calculated

  4. Janetmakesvideos says:

    “Failure is the key to success, if you don’t fail you’re not trying anything new or trying at all.”

  5. JrJrJr says:

    I really like the beat the golf ball makes.

  6. Pantzrat says:

    Thought I got rickrolled for a second 💀

  7. Linda Freeman says:

    omg thats a long loop jk its short kevin durant godly 3 point shooter no one will leave him open to shoot.

  8. CJ says:

    Honestly though, no pop-off? I’m dissatisfied

  9. BMO 84 says:

    People that make these videos have wayyyy too much free time

    • JennaB says:

      Because you watching videos on YouTube and making comments is a more valuable use of your own free time? 🤨

  10. Lucy Bading says:

    😌 So satisfying

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