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40 Responses

  1. Layco1704 says:

    Shoutout to jojo for filming so Colleen and Erik could just enjoy time with their kids on their special day and for creating a video full of memories for Colleen and the kids to look back on ❤

    • Deanna Henley says:


    • Mandy Morrow says:

      @Raquel W, she didn’t say it, but she meant it.

    • Raquel W says:

      @Mandy Morrow I don’t remember that! I thought she did a great job! She offered to film some parts and colleen is probably so grateful for that since she wasn’t going to film anything while being so busy with the party and the twins!

    • Mandy Morrow says:

      @Raquel W, it’s not okay for friends to act like “I’ll film for you so you can make memories with your children! Ha ha! Just kidding! Here you go!”

    • Raquel W says:

      @Mandy Morrow she was probably enjoying the party also and trying to be in the moment! The part she did film will be so meaningful to colleen and Erik and the twins in the future! She didn’t even have to do that it’s not like it’s her job she just did it on her own cus she cares and cherishes her and Colleen’s friendship and knows colleen would love to have that filmed to keep forever! It was so sweet!

  2. Kristen S says:

    I need to hire Colleen as an event planner. Her parties are always so beautiful! I wish I had that talent.

  3. Ariana Garay says:

    I cannot believe it’s been a year already! Colleen is so strong and I can’t believe how beautiful this journey has been. We’re so proud of you Colleen!!!

  4. priscilla c says:

    These babies are the light of the world!! They’re getting so big and you can tell they’re great people with amazing personalities already. 😊

  5. blanca yvonne aguirre says:

    I love that when Maisey was getting unsure she looked over to Erik and he smiled at her reassuring her and then she smiled again!

  6. Maya Blumenthal says:

    wow. it just hit me that the twins are A YEAR OLD!! i can’t believe it. it feels like just yesterday they were tiny babies in the nicu, and now they’re happy, talking, and crawling around. colleen, i’m so proud of you. you’ve been the best mom ever for the twins, staying by their side in the nicu and fighting to get them out. i’m so proud of how far you’ve come, and i know this is just the beginning of a long journey. cheers to one year!! 🥂

  7. shauna mantra says:

    This was such an aesthetically pleasing birthday party. Colleen says she just throws this stuff together but holy moly. So much went into the decor/games/ stuffing ducks. Etc. looks so fun ❤ can’t believe they’re one already

  8. Allison Diaz says:

    This is the cutest birthday party ever! You did an INCREDIBLE job, Colleen and Erik! Happy birthday, babies 💛💙🐥 You are SO loved and adored by your wonderful family <3

  9. Kaylee Jordan says:

    I teared up watching them sing happy birthday to the twins. To think of where this little family was a year ago and where they are now. It makes me so happy to see the twins so happy and healthy. 💜

  10. Sel W says:

    Colleen “idk how many ppl will come?..”
    then proceeded to show and huge loving family 🤣 we all knew everyone would come for them and you! Don’t doubt yourself 💙💕

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