The World’s Dirtiest Martini 🍸

The World’s Dirtiest Martini 🍸

Olives.. Olives everywhere..

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19 Responses

  1. Doctorgirl300 says:

    “I have no idea what I’m doing!”
    – DokaRyan 2022

  2. GAME FOR FAME says:

    Him breaking the glass wasn’t an accident, it was a show of power

  3. Ezra Goldman says:

    That glass broke quicker than your soul after that drink 😂

  4. Chromeo says:

    And this was the video that made me realize he isn’t some master mixologist…just a Canadian dude who loves booze and has an excellent mustache. I like you even more now, bud. Cheers from Manitoba.

  5. kdaarg says:

    The lack of an ice scoop. Trying dry vermouth by itself. The glass break. And the fact you hate it just makes this hysterical. 😂 Great job, buddy.

  6. Rahal Fan girl says:

    This is probably the most scuffed cocktail making ever

    I love it

  7. Danny Carrillo says:

    I love your shorts and when I first found them I couldn’t stop binging them. So keep up the great content!

  8. Bugle Boys says:

    Try Kellogg’s fruit snacks in vodka for a week

  9. chilly beans says:

    i absolutely adore your enthusiasm with this, it’s very untypical from bartender content creators and it’s very refreshing <3 keep doing what you're doing

  10. Dana Hisham says:

    there goes his life savings, shattered.

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