This Is About To Seriously Alter Our Weather…

This Is About To Seriously Alter Our Weather…

Check out for a 7-day trial and 20% off your subscription, and be protected today!

In this video we are talking about more severe weather & how the jet stream is changing our weather patterns over the next week and a half…

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Please refer to your local National Weather Service office to get the most reliable and up to date weather information as possible.

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35 Responses

  1. Ryan Hall, Y'all says:

    Check out for a 7-day trial and 20% off your subscription, and be protected today!

  2. Karen Polansky says:

    Hey Ryan, I’m up in Nova Scotia. We’ve had some pretty nasty storms with flooding, but things should be quiet here tonight. Sending safety wishes for those affected by tonight’s storms.

    • lori boyd says:

      Hello there Karen Polansky and your family and friends in Nova Scotia. I have seen on my news casts the nasty storms you have had. Hope that you all stay safe there and wish you blue skies and sunshine Have a nice and safe day (From Lori Boyd in my forest city of London,Ontario,Canada,Along the famous Thames River)👩💜💙💚💛💖🧡🎈😘💌💚😎💛🤗💖😁👌🧡😀👍💜🤩🔯☸🙌🎈👩😎👍🤗😘🎄🎄🎄🎄🎀

    • ry597 says:

      It has been an awfull summer. Constant rain and humidity. If it wasn’t extremely hot & humid it was abnormally cold. I have yet to experience a summer as weird as this one

    • War By Deception says:

      Lol “safety wishes” tho


      He doesn’t care bro. That’s why he didn’t cover you

    • Julia Matula says:

      so did I! Here in Alberta.

  3. Mrs. Alma Trumble says:

    Thank you for keeping us informed. Were under Severe Storm Risk tonight. Praying for everyone who is dealing with the severe weather, floods, and etc.

  4. Dakota storms says:

    Ryan, I know you get this a lot, but THANK YOU for doing this and saving lives!

  5. Grizz Bjorn says:

    Way to let those people know about those dry thunderstorms and to prepare for fires. Thats key intel. Great job ryan.

  6. Greg Farley says:

    Thanks Ryan, the wife and I really appreciate your attention to detail and professionalism.
    You’re setting a new and higher standard for all meteorologists to follow.

  7. Robert Hilden says:

    Over 100,000 views an hour! Your channel is clearly impactful, so much that people watch your channel for their local weather. Truly impressive how successful a weather channel has become!

  8. adonai56 says:

    I use to say a weatherman is the only person that lies to me weekly but I still trust. Ryan breaks everything down and gives a better assessment then any channel in all the cities I have lived in.

    • XxHolyShrimpxX says:

      Politicians and weathermen get paid to be wrong constantly

    • Angel Medina says:

      Weather channel did a little better job but didn’t want to hire people to talk. It is cheaper to just show data. Weatherman, just a 1 minute clip of what yout need to know in your area.

    • spook show says:

      Best weather man I’ve seen. I go only by him during hunting season. He’s dead on.

  9. Toni Marie says:

    Thank you, Ryan! We’re planning our move west based on your forecasts. We appreciate all that you & your team do!

  10. Tookster says:

    Hope you guys are enjoying the rain, here in texas havent seen a freggin drop since last week of may with 100 plus weather every day

    • Christi Barron says:

      I am right there with ya. Not a drop of rain since May 15th. Temps over 100 ever since as well. We need rain . I don’t see much to move this heat dome. A hurricane maybe? But that wouldn’t be good either.

    • Lingering in the Darkness says:

      Haven’t had a drop of rain in months southeast Texas. Hope those who are getting rain are enjoined it while they have it cause where I live we desperately need it.

    • Lingering in the Darkness says:

      ​@christibarron6721 I kinda wish we got hit by a hurricane, but the damages and possible deaths is what’s keeping me from desiring it desperately.

    • music teacher says:

      I said a prayer for you to get rain.
      There’s a book titled “The Time it Never Rained” about an extended drought in west Texas – I think it was 7 to 10 years with no real rain, in the 1950s. I verified it because it seemed unbelievable.

    • cfl LNG says:

      Good recommendation. Thanks! Maybe it will put this weather in Texas in perspective🙃

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