Titanic tourist submersible destroyed: How it happened | About That

Titanic tourist submersible destroyed: How it happened | About That

Wreckage from the missing Titan submersible has been found near the site of the Titanic. All those who were on board are lost at sea. Andrew Chang explains what happened and how the Titan was destroyed.

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36 Responses

  1. The Deshbhakt says:

    Andrew, this is a masterclass on how a sensitive story should be done – without missing out on the details.

  2. Jacks says:

    What an excellent presentation of this horrible news. Thank you for your thoughtful reporting.

  3. Ursula Georgeson says:

    From it’s inception until quite recently, one of the major hallmarks of good journalistic broadcasting was information delivered without opinion. Convey information clearly, calmly. We will decide our emotional responses. So much respect for anyone still respecting this.


  4. Gw 23 says:

    This guy is a great speaker and explains this tragedy very clearly. Great video

  5. Pauline Diggs says:

    To the rescue crew, thank you for all of your work 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. onelife says:

    RIP to the people who passed away. Another example of how life hangs by a very thin thread .

  7. Humbolt Marketing says:

    Tragic and fascinating to learn of the risk and lack of safety protocols.

    • TheFruitingChamber says:

      Saw the safety concerns while everyone was losing there minds looking for them… was a disaster waiting to happen a tourist trap for the wealthy but the small brained only feel bad for the 19yo who didn’t get a chance to live his life because his dad brought him along his expedition. Nvm he was one of pakistans wealths families I don’t feel bad now…

    • Mike M.S. says:

      The whole attitude of the CEO was abhorrent. He didn’t hire the best because they would be a bunch of 50 yo white men. He wanted to “inspire”…

      Then the materials chosen, the glass and window not certified for lower depths, an XBox controller to drive it…

      “iT shouldn’t take much skill to operate it”, he said in an interview.

      Sad. Unnecessary loss of life.

    • Ginger Snap says:

      They were all grown adults and signed the waivers. We as grown adults should be allowed to make decisions for ourselves no matter what. I’m sick and tired of this nanny state

    • Paul says:

      He didn’t even use a XBox controller.
      It was a cheap knock off brand called ”logitech”

    • bacorable says:

      @Mike M.S. Experienced submariners wouldn’t go near him, he had no choice but to “train” youngins.

  8. immunity VI says:

    The 19 year old boy was hesitant and scared to go according to his aunt. That’s the scariest; we’ve evolved fear for our safety, only to ignore it and learn the hard way why we were scared in the first place.

  9. Mike Scott says:

    Andrew Chang is a national treasure. He reports better than the news itself. So clear! Thank you..

  10. Aguiar Ed says:

    What’s really tragic about this whole event was the fact that the 19 year old didn’t even want to go on this dive.

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