Toon Blast Animation | Toons on Tour

Toon Blast Animation | Toons on Tour

Our crazy toons Bruno, Cooper & Wally were spotted in downtown at midnight! Watch the whole movie to find out where they headed!

Did you also watch the Tumbleweed animation? If you didn’t, come and watch it now:

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26 Responses

  1. Attack Alpaca says:

    Addicted to this game. Played it quite a bit a couple years ago during quarantine when I didn’t have much else to do but sit inside on my phone.

    • Maria Castaneda says:

      I started this game because of quarantine as well. Not a day I don’t play this 😭😭😭

  2. Daiymian says:

    Started this game mid 2019. Still playing it. One of my tools to unwind from the workday.

  3. Natashya Tyler says:

    This is my favorite game of all time! Thank you to the creators for your creativity in keeping this game going after we’ve completed all the levels. I love the challenges and rewards. It has kept my stress levels down for years.

  4. Kenny Kugley says:

    Would love to see this in a tv series.

  5. Ashana Readie says:

    Addicted to Toon Blast ❗ could not ask for a better game, 7 years of playing this wonderful game❗

  6. Zimm's Aquatics & Hobbies says:

    Will we ever see the levels in the promo? It’s nothing like the actual game. Bring back coins for rewards- this timed stuff sucks.

  7. Blue Bethlehem says:

    I would love to see Toon Blast and Best Fiends in the same video. That would be awesome!

  8. Desertforrest says:

    Nancy Reagan spoke of this back in the 80’s. She told me to Just Say No, but as an adult I’m now addicted to this drug called TB! Great chillaxin game!

    • Michelle Priore says:

      @Hayley I am right with you Hayley. After trying to solve a level for hours, or days even, all of a sudden I get it. Now I think of it just like a chess or checker game. It’s all strategy and figure out, before hitting anything, what my action will cause the next step. And of course the Blasters don’t hurt helping either. Hang in there Hayley 👍

    • Step Wind NT 4 0 says:

      @Hayley might be the game setting cause I feel the same way

    • Maria Castaneda says:

      It really is addicting 😭😂

    • Hayley says:

      If I just can’t get through a level, i sleep on it (when it’s the evening and sometimes put down for a few hours during the day) and my next try I get it 1st time (98% of the time). Is this my mind subconscious having worked it out or this this some setting in the game!? 🤔

    • Step Wind NT 4 0 says:

      Me too😁

  9. Fernanda Millan says:

    Loved it! And LOVE the game. I am completely addicted and have been for years!❤️

  10. simona07 says:

    Soo addicted to this game. Can you pls make the lives refill faster, maybe 2hrs/life. Thanks 😊

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