Top high jumpers decide to SHARE gold in instant-classic final | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

Top high jumpers decide to SHARE gold in instant-classic final | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

In one of the most exciting and competitive high jump finals in Olympic history, Qatar’s Mutaz Essa Barshim and Italy’s Gianmarco Tamberi — who both cleared 2.37m — decided to forgo a jump-off and share the gold. #NBCOlympics #Tokyo2020 #TrackandField
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Top high jumpers decide to SHARE gold in instant-classic final | Tokyo Olympics | NBC Sports

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53 Responses

  1. King KeNNy Slay says:

    Barshim runs like he is floating

  2. Tork says:

    Tamberi clapping for Barshim and then Barshim clapping for Tamberi during his final jump was just too wholesome

    • Kita Boo 2 says:

      If the roles were reversed the white guy would have never agreed to share the medal. The black one was clearly better

    • Victor D. says:

      Kita Boo 2 no. He also had a say. If he didn’t agree, it would have been a jump off.. both had to agree.

    • climberbob1 says:

      @Gary Besaw watch golf. they do it often. high fives all around on a hole out is common.

    • Goose Nuggets says:

      @hagamapama There’s a difference between two people who have already performed their best and will likely just compete for who is better in that moment vs a definitive performance of one being better than the other.

    • Joan Konkle says:

      @Lana P. I don’t know how these things are usually done. But it seems the solution here reflected that they both cleared the next to the last setting and both failed and brought the pole down for the highest setting. To get two golds out of that equal success/equal failure seems fair and just to me and a wise choice. The alternative of tiebreaking competition was there but they chose not to do it. 8/1/21

  3. ohsnapiam59 says:

    I read they are close even off the field. Tamberi was in Barshim’s wedding. If you look closely at Tamberi after his final jump, it looks like he is about to cry. Both men crying in their prospective ‘corners’ at the end. Wonderful gesture by Barshim…happy for them both. True sportsmanship.

  4. kjdnyhmghfvb says:

    Mutaz Essa Barshim is the best Haggler of ALL TIME
    he said Counter Offer: Two Gold Medals


      I think negotiating is a normal part of life in certain parts of the world, so he’s been preparing for years

    • Marlon Mitchell says:


    • Tigre Malabarista says:

      Makes sense: he saw the other as his equal and didn’t feel right to jump off for a different color medal.

      It didn’t hurt to try, and both got the medal they earned.

    • parislondonNY says:

      Arabs have trading for centuries alongside the Jews.

    • climberbob1 says:

      @Tigre Malabarista at that level, they’re all pretty much equals. its who’s going to have that great day and get that inch the other guy couldn’t. you’re always questioning if he could knock you off.

  5. Telly Gonzalez says:

    It’s moments like these that really make the Olympics so special.

  6. Tyler says:

    It feels like this moment was only possible because these two weren’t competing to be better than everyone; they were competing to bring out the best in themselves. They succeeded, and so they can be so happy for themselves and each other

    • Chris Skinner says:

      @Chrissy A probably did. However, I get the feeling either one would have done the same for another athlete. They gave it everything they had and after the allotted amount of jumps, they proved they were on the same level this day. There doesn’t always have to be a “loser.” A great lesson in individual Olympic competition.

    • climberbob1 says:

      @jamie e. I do hope you realize that playing against yourself as you describe it is true in EVERY SPORT, and isn’t unique to your track experience.

    • climberbob1 says:

      @Chrissy A Would you mind having a gold medal on your mantle if you knew your worst enemy also had one? I don’t think so.

    • Parker Haus says:

      @climberbob1 but it’s not his worst enemy. It’s one of his good friends. They have known and trained with eachother. Brothers in the sport

    • Matt Hoang says:

      @Lana P. but this is a HIGH jump competition. Who jumps highest, not who jumps over this same height more times… and also, both athletes had attempted 2.39m and failed 3x… there is literally no point in this situation b/c these two who share 1st place jumped up to 2.37m the same without fails. Bronze medal jumped 2.37m too, but has a previous failed attempt at another lower height. The fact that 2.37m was the height needed for all men on the podium showed how these guys already jumped their best. And in high jump especially the best jump is usually jumps #4-6. They’re def past that by the time they reached 2.39m

  7. Ret2Play says:

    “History my friend”, if only all world conflicts could be solved with such grace…bravo!

    • climberbob1 says:

      @TreyBear No kidding. What sane person would risk giving up a gold when they’re offering up 2 of them? I don’t get this as being a remarkable decision on the athletes part. It just shows they haven’t lost their minds. High jump amazes me that anyone can jump more than their own height without aid. Nothing but admiration for their abilities.

    • Goose Nuggets says:

      @Crystal Hunt Or maybe don’t speak at all if you nothing substantial to say.

    • Lex is says:

      Or if conflicts could be decided by a jump off. 😂

    • John Sparrow says:


    • Russ P says:

      if only all global situations involve jumping over a bar

  8. Mark B says:

    Barshim’s run up towards the bar deserves a medal by itself…’s a thing of beauty

  9. B kJ 2 says:

    I can’t stop watching this. Sometimes people don’t suck.

  10. fr0zenintimeee says:

    this is iconic

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