Ukraine rebels mobilize troops amid fears of Russia invading

Ukraine rebels mobilize troops amid fears of Russia invading

Separatist leaders in eastern Ukraine ordered a full military mobilization Saturday amid a spike of violence in the war-torn region and fears in the West that Russia might use the strife as a pretext for an invasion.

Denis Pushilin, the head of the pro-Russia separatist government in Ukraine’s Donetsk region, released a statement announcing a full troop mobilization and urging reservists to show up at military enlistment offices.

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36 Responses

  1. A C says:

    If we can’t get rid of war than we need to bring the entire system down, these wars are always the rich and powerful playing their games and we normal people shouldnt have to suffer because of them anymore.

    • marc kruska says:

      Shut up don’t start with that bullshit. This is matter of Russia invading Ukraine and killing millions this is about Russia wanting to have control so they can get closer to attack the US and our allies you need to do your research before you talk about they do this for the rich this is a real matter this war will hopefully not but be ww3 the world will be involved.

    • j says:

      A C, agree with your comment as far as the afghan debacle goes, but it has no bearing here, because putin and xi are ruthless dictators and evil minded tyrants who want to take over the world! Those a**holes ARE the problem!!

    • Vikingsfor life says:

      I don’t understand the word that is coming out of your mouth? Biden will fix it..Kamala over there to handle the problem. God help us all.

    • BigBuck Wallstreet says:

      Sad but true glad I found the stock market

    • SORA says:

      @Yeah Me You want to make the entire population braindead and addicted then?

  2. John Crawford says:

    I’m sorry, I thought this was an article about rebels in the Ukraine. Rebels are rebels, soldiers are soldiers, the two are NOT the same thing.

  3. Starry Eyes says:

    We literally don’t live in a free world we have rich powerful people telling us what to do. We’re nothing but prisoners of this country

  4. Be Nice says:

    “As they spread the propaganda of war, we must spread the propaganda of peace.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  5. Ryan Lastnameommited says:

    Putin: “theres not going to be a war.”
    Zelenskyy:” theres not going to be a war.”

    US Media; “war starts tomorrow. be there or be square”

  6. Wandering Soul says:

    They can start a war but can’t feed the poor

    • Son of Man!! says:

      What poor? And when is the last time you fed them?

    • jack flack says:

      Why does this sound like a quote from 90s hiphop

    • Peppermint MERCY says:

      Very true and Sad at the same time, These Great Nations have the capacity to make the world a little bit better by each mouths they feed but war it’s all an expensive business paid by Blood,Non Rewnable Resources, and destruction.

  7. G59_Records says:

    Honestly, its my first time seeing Kamala speak since the inauguration

  8. Kat Ocean says:

    There is this saying in my country “When 2 people fight each other, the third one gonna benefit” So USA vs. Russia, who might be the third one….hmmm China?

    • John Crawford says:

      In the case of the America, the weapons manufacturers we pay over $1,000,000,000 annually are the winners. They won every American war since Korea.

  9. Himebaugh Chris says:

    What’s she gonna do? Ban Avocadoes??? She can’t even “Czar” her own border.

  10. Crow Migration says:

    Anyone feel like this is just a distraction from all our on shore problems?

    • MSNBC Small Hat 🇮🇱 says:

      @little red hen no its literally hysteria. The Conflict doesnt affect the US in any significant way but the media and people like u make it out to be ww3

    • little red hen says:

      @MSNBC Small Hat 🇮🇱 I see English isn’t your first language, which explains your lack of understanding of the word hysteria. As to the balance of your comment I suggest you think about how Russia taking over sovereign European nation(s) would affect us.

    • Pat Doyle says:

      No one with a functioning brain.

    • TreeNinja420 says:

      Like how Americans who are homeless are told to go eff themselves while the state takes the Affordable housing and gives it to illegal immigrants who missed their notices to appear because the state they crossed in shipped them to a neighboring state with a gaggle of free shit except a vaccine

    • Cuzcatan: BA Metal Outpost says:

      @Jake N quite what?

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