Simone Biles – Floor Exercise – 2023 Xfinity U.S. Championships – Senior Women Day 2

Simone Biles – Floor Exercise – 2023 Xfinity U.S. Championships – Senior Women Day 2

Score: 15.400 (6.8, 8.600)
Aug. 27, 2023 – SAP Center – San Jose, Calif.

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17 Responses

  1. Eduarda Souza says:

    O que ela está fazendo é coisa de outro mundo. Passa dos limites. Ninguém pode pará-la! GOAT!!

  2. Álvaro Monzón Estévez says:

    It’s honestly BRUTAL to see someone score over 15 in FLOOR, in her previous performances of this routine she had minor mistakes, but THIS ONE. It was amazing, congrats Simoneeee.

    • Steve Belzner says:

      Why Brutal?? that means its a bad thing????

    • EVOLICIOUS says:

      @stevebelzner447  as in her performance is so far ahead of the competitors, that she is crushing any hope of competitors getting near her skill and ability. She is an all-star gymnast that dominates most of the sport, and soon will be considered the best gymnast ever in history.

  3. SHAD FER says:

    That was pure mastery. Honestly. Literally perfect. No matter much force or momentum she had, she would stick every landing with absolute precision, incredible!

  4. cy_lanix says:

    The highest floor score that she has gotten since her return in 2018. Her landings were spot on!!

  5. S T says:

    Simone is another level EVEN when she has a “watered” down routine. The fact that her second pass is THAT good and seemingly harder than most other WAG opening floor passes… and she executes SO well after almost two full Olympic cycles is mindboggling. Queen behavior!

    • Appaddict01 says:

      I hope she doesn’t bring back the triple double. She doesn’t need it and those landings are hard on the body.

  6. Joe says:

    My god is this woman spectacular! Unbelievable talent, grace and poise. I hope she takes home more gold at the Olympics.

    • Jack Hannigan says:

      if she decides to go to the olympics, which i feel that she undoubtedly will, she will definitely go for all around, beam and floor but she may leave vault to rebeca as i feel she left the beam title for sanne as she didn’t want america to clean sweep the competition.

  7. Katie Thulin says:

    Speaking as a former gymnast and a fangirl of the “Magnificent Seven”, Simone is consistently upping the bar for the entire sport! It’s absolutely jaw-dropping what she’s able to accomplish! What a role model and truly the goat!

  8. rain.storm.thunder says:

    This is one of the best floor routines she’s ever done, imo!!

  9. Princess Thalia says:

    Her cleanest performance this year
    If she performs like this in Worlds, she will not only get gold but a blue diamond!

  10. Sasha Pitta says:

    My favorite part of this whole championship is how relaxed and peaceful she looked. As a fellow abuse survivor, I’m loving how putting herself first boosted her obvious love and enjoyment of her career again. Well done as always Simone, you boggle the mins with your obvious work hard results!

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