Bradley Beal traded to Suns, Draymond opts-out Warriors contract & CP3 to Clippers? | NBA | THE HERD

Bradley Beal traded to Suns, Draymond opts-out Warriors contract & CP3 to Clippers? | NBA | THE HERD

Ric Bucher joins Colin Cowherd to discuss the latest in NBA news. Bucher reacts to the Phoenix Suns acquisition of Bradley Beal, trading Chris Paul to the Washington Wizards, the future of Deandre Ayton and Draymond Green opts out of Golden State Warriors deal.

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Bradley Beal traded to Suns, Draymond opts-out Warriors contract & CP3 to Clippers? | NBA | THE HERD

The Herd with Colin Cowherd

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30 Responses

  1. The Herd with Colin Cowherd says:

    Listen to The Skip Bayless Show podcast:

  2. Cary Rodda says:

    I love how Bucher comes on and immediately throws ice water on Colin’s earlier not so brilliant hot take. 😄

    • OB says:

      We just had Denver who is not star-heavy winning it all. The superteam model is dying. Look at the Lakers once they had a reliable bench after Russ left. The Suns are going to learn it the hard way.

    • YodaSmokes says:

      That is why I clicked

    • SuperDopeHipHop says:

      What was his hot take? It was the most obvious take ever.

      That suns adding Bradley Beal who was all nba in 2021, one of few players ever to avg 30+ b2b years, only 29/30 years old, last 7yrs AVERAGED 26, 5, 4, 1.5stocks on 47/36/85. Last 4 years 28, 6, 4, 1.5 stocks 47/35/84.

      This was a no brainer given they had to give up next to nothing. Nuggets still favorite and best TEAM, but depending on what other ring chasers and one year looking to increase their value up. They’re 3rd favorite to win title, 2nd behind only Nuggets to win West.

      They prob still lose to Nuggets last year, but it’s clearly better if it’s Bradley Beal vs Shamet/Craig mins.

      They’d be in even better shape had they not done Durant trade honestly with

      Cam Johnson

      A ton of 1s to trade for more depth and maybe they get to keep CP3 since then.

    • YodaSmokes says:

      @SuperDopeHipHop what he said was both very obvious. And yet still completely inaccurate. Yes, acquiring Beal for nothing is a positive. Also yes, beal booker and Durant are redundant at best. And won’t ever mesh well enough to win a title. And you can mark it right here right now. They won’t win a title with those 3 guys.

  3. Young Pluto says:

    Ric saying “it’s not a big deal” then Fox hitting us with the “BREAKING NEWS” 😭

  4. John Nelson says:

    Chris Paul is turning 39 next year. Ridiculous to include Paul as top heavy.

    • Bobby Burton says:

      Top heavy as in salary

    • Halla says:

      Yeah but they couldn’t fill out the rest of the roster with great quality which made them top heavy.

    • John Nelson says:

      @Halla I meant that the Suns weren’t 4 great players. They were only 2 great players. And 2 wasn’t enough. We’ll see if Beal is great or not. To be decided.

    • Halla says:

      @John Nelson but Paul’s salary and ball handling still made them top heavy lol

    • John Nelson says:

      @Halla I believe Payne was a better player for many games this year. That’s how far Chris Paul has dropped off. Paul slows down the game. Making the Suns easier to guard. And the most important thing is he keeps getting injured at the worst time.

  5. Michael Dineen says:

    Excellent debate about the Bradly Beal trade and how it affects Phoenix’s chances for a title run. Great points on both sides.

  6. Trondiction says:

    Bucher killing them 😂 “Beal carried the Wizards to the locker room” 💀

  7. Francisco Lopez says:

    I honestly could watch these 3 for a whole show! Great chemistry!

  8. lostone says:

    Thank you ric. Denver has guys on their bench that dont play and would start for miami. Zeke nnaji comes to mind. Reggie jackson.

    • random yeeet says:


    • bb says:

      Truly a lost one 🥳

    • Daniel Van de Zande says:

      Zeke ascending in his career; Reggie has his best days behind

    • Ballaz23 says:

      Bro i think alot of people underestimated the heat and the nuggets respected them no matter if they was in a play in or not they was in the finals that was the nuggets mindset…and the bucks was preparing as they were a play in team not a team that could outwork them with the little things that dont show up on paper

    • Cold Hoops says:

      Reggie isn’t starting over Vincent, Strus, Herro or Lowry.

      Stop smoking

  9. djnkosi says:

    great segment / chemistry with these three 👍🏽

  10. jwkreid says:

    Bucher doing well to not laugh out loud when they mentioned Landale 😂

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