Why she doesn’t like you back…

Why she doesn’t like you back…

Simpin’ ain’t pimpin’ – advice on if you ever find yourself taking interest in someone who might not be as interested in you.

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38 Responses

  1. Hassan Alibhai says:

    When the world needed him most, he returned.

  2. Alphin Jude says:

    “I’m de-romanticising the situation, there’s no room for interpretation”
    BARSSS 🔥

  3. iPettyNote says:

    Love how this pops up on my recommendations

  4. Ogheneminne Urhie says:

    I matched with a girl named Jenna on Bumble. After 5 days of having deep conversations, I asked her if I was boring because I’ve never complimented her, like repeatedly saying you’re beautiful and such.
    Jenna: “I don’t find you boring. The thing about compliments online is when you hear them a lot, it doesn’t really add to or subtract from the conversation. Guys online are very quick to throw things like that at someone and it just doesn’t earn brownie points with me.”
    Me: I think most guys compliment quickly and often because they wanna skip the conversations and get into the female’s pants. I’m not like that.
    Jenna: Nah they just think that a woman has never had self esteem ever and like to compliment a lot. So I tune them out because I’m already aware of what I look like.
    For all the guys out there, Swoozie is right: “SIMPING AINT PIMPING.”

  5. Brooks Holt says:

    Never forget. Simpin ain’t pimpin

  6. nerdSlayer Studios says:

    When I was an aspiring Youtuber, I complained about how I could never get advice or the chance to talk to a current Youtuber. I wanted to pick their brain, get some answers and (hopefully) find the right path for my own content creating. When Swoozie was already a gold plaque acquired Youtuber, he responded to my personal messages (back when Youtube had messaging ROFL)! I was shocked by how honest, candid, and genuine he was as a person. I also had the chance to meet Swoozie at gaming event where he was playing people in the audience, same exact experience. I wanted to say publicly, thanks to Swoozie and Youtubers like him for inspiring people like me (and im sure many more) to do Youtube as well! Also your content has grown exponentially in quality, and your story telling is there along with it.

  7. Pinstrype Kouzin says:

    This is why I check in on these videos; not for relationship advice, but for these incredible stories! Swoozie a GOAT.

  8. Big Chungus79 says:

    Thank you park ranger

  9. Macie Steiner says:

    As a girl we definitely know when a guy likes us, and when we don’t like them back we try to put it in a nice way or else we seem like a bitch. But when guys don’t take that, that’s when lots of us ghost them or stop talking to them. Also lots of times the “nice guys” aren’t actually that nice, they just do things for you expecting things in return, and if you don’t do what they want in return we are the ass hole. But you definitely nailed a lot of things in this video about girls.

    • omarion schoolmates says:

      @THIZZAVELI my guy if it was that easy to say yes or no to someone the world would have exploded by now

    • thomas godfreyjr. says:

      @THIZZAVELI I agree girls that act like that have the mind of a 8 year old or a high schooler it’s very immature

    • Macie Steiner says:

      @THIZZAVELI I 100% think that there are girls out here who are way to confusing and expect too much. But I have had a far share of very creepy guys and sometimes the best option is to ghost. But there are also lots of good guys out there.

    • Joe O’keefe says:

      I’d like to believe I’m a pretty nice guy but I always get friend zoned and I’m completely fine with it lol had one girl I had the Hotts for and when her boyfriend cheated on her 3 TIMES I was there to help her and now we are like siblings, and I’m not like a gay best friend or something we are genuine plutonic friends

    • Ajblue says:

      Its okay to have options as a girl, but the whole process would be a lot easier if you just went dutch on the dinner or bought the next time. It does not feel good to feel like you are being deceived for your money. I can’t stand when men think they are owed something for spending money on a girl, but that behavior can be understandable when you start to realize that there is an unwritten rule that if you invite someone out that you are prepared to pay for it. Not a bad rule if girls didn’t have so many options. Most girls won’t invite guys out to do something, so men are stuck in this lose-lose situation where they have to spend money and time on dating or they will never talk to a girl again.

  10. matthewhhawk17 says:

    Swoozie: “You had me leaning back like Neo in the Matrix.”
    Kelly: “Nooo not true at all! You don’t remember that night correctly you never did that.”
    Swoozie in his mind: “Was I in the Matrix?”

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