HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder

HIGHLIGHTS | Canelo Alvarez vs. John Ryder

Mexican Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez took on Englishman John Ryder in Guadalajara, Mexico, in a homecoming for the Mexican superstar. Brought to you by @Autozone.

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33 Responses

  1. DAZN Boxing says:

    Watch the full fight on DAZN.com

  2. Tyler Brown says:

    This was one of those rare “Rocky” style fights. Canelo clearly the better boxer, but Ryder not giving up and going the distance, winning the respect of many. I love it

    • John Arnold says:

      @Jeremy Lofipo Bivol is in a higher weight class so you may have to wait a long time to see that fight.

    • Dylan irad Rodriguez morales says:

      Ahora resulta que todos son managers..expertos en box y videntes ..no m@m3n 😂

    • Marcellavine Doe says:

      Rocky 😂your delusional once again canelo fought a nobody and the nobody survived and that’s the respect I was a Mexican boxing fan should be upsetting

    • SwooshLyf3 says:

      This fight was taylor made for Canelo to look spectacular and get the KO but unfortunately he couldn’t pull it off.. this is the smallest ring I’ve seen which was meant to keep Ryder infront of canelo all night to give canelo the best chance to get a KO but he still couldn’t pull it off.. he should probably keep ducking Benavidez cause idk if he would pull off the W against Benavidez.

    • Mando says:


  3. juan cilis says:

    este cabron es un digno guerrero, Ryder se gano el respeto de mucha gente 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  4. UserInterface00 says:

    Respect to John Ryder for making it a fight and not backpedaling after two knockdowns. He fought till the cards and even wins some later rounds. 👏

  5. Luis Alfonso Rosado says:

    Ryder ha escrito su nombre en oro y con mayúsculas, en la historia del boxeo: VALIENTE. Impresionante demostración de pundonor y respeto por éste deporte. Ryder pasó a la historia como un boxeador bravo. Mis respetos por Ryder. Saludo a Saúl como tremendo, verdadero e histórico super Campeón. Se concretó a hacer su trabajo. Y que NO necesita de excesos dramáticos, como la corona de metal, pareció más como publicidad de una Cía. galletera.

  6. PINK MORNING says:

    the time john ryder said “lets go bring some more” i feel goosebumps i saw the brave heart and giving the real mans pride.❤

  7. Steven Rosario says:

    Buena pelea 👏🏻 gladiadores en ese ring, gran corazón de Ryder al recuperarse de una caída y continuar con la nariz rota desde principios de la pelea 💪🏻

  8. DJ Mexicano de TX says:

    Respect to john ryder for going the distance with a broken nose.

    • José ELI Agueta says:

      Es verdad me imajino que el canelo le ha de ver dado sus buenos dolares para que se dejara ganar

    • Christopher Murrell says:

      Well done Ryder great performance against one of the greats you can hold your head high after that, many great fighters have lost to canelo in a worse fashion but you did the fans proud on canelo home turf 💪🏻🥊

    • gdc615 says:

      Like a big punching bag

    • baa baa baa says:

      @abhinav Yep 99% of em… just makes you breath thru ur mouth.
      Getting dropped twice & a few gd lefts to the guts is what slowed Ryder (& that looping right that he took on the glove, yet still knocked him back 3ft)…
      Man showed heart, but was bettered.

    • Jose Cabrera says:

      Agree. He made a decision to get up and fight. Not like instagram fighters who just stay on one knee until they hear 10. Mad respect for Ryder

  9. José Gustavo Lopez Godinez says:

    La afición de México, la de tu tierra Guadalajara, y la del mundo entero,…. Presenciamos este enfrentamiento contra un fugilista muy complicado y peligriso, que quedará en la historia del boxeo, como una de las mejores. Demostráste una gran garra, y tu gran y legendaria técnica y disciplina que siempre te ha caracterizado, y lo cual te ha llevado a la cima en donde estás. 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼Grán pelea campeón.
    Felicidades a Saul Canelo Alvarez por su gran triunfo.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  10. David Nieto says:

    La verdad que ryder se ganó el respeto de la gente 👏🏽

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