We Built a Greenhouse in a Geodesic Dome

We Built a Greenhouse in a Geodesic Dome

our desire to eat organic produce grew strong after Bec’s cancer diagnosis so we knew we needed a greenhouse to take charge of our food supply 🌱 To get a 1 year supply of Vitamin D + 5 individual travel packs FREE with your first purchase, go to https://athleticgreens.com/eamonandbec

This is part 2 of our greenhouse build in a geodesic dome… Watch part 1:
Preparing for the End of the World https://youtu.be/RLQeRYIwezY

A big thank you to Ben and the entire Arctic Acres team for the opportunity to build the most amazing geodesic dome that we’ll be using as a greenhouse. Check out their domes here: https://arcticacres.ca/

0:47 get caught up!
1:05 insulating the side walls
2:13 a SKYLIGHT?!
4:33 Day 4
5:00 painting the exterior
6:20 front door install
7:26 how to prevent leaks?
8:39 Day 5
10:47 installing fans
13:25 building the pool
18:16 Day 7: a familiar face is back
19:35 let’s build some garden beds
22:51 the tractor disaster
24:38 planting our first seeds

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25 Responses

  1. Lo Malinke says:

    They could build a amusement park for badgers out of sticks and baking soda and I would watch it. 🥰

  2. Adrienne Owens says:

    The paw prints where Osso walked on the outside of the pool need to be sealed in and preserved forever. Osso is the coolest dog, he needs his own feature video!!! 🐶

  3. S R says:

    Hi Bec! Just finished my first year of planting and here’s some things I learned: 1) keep the seed packets. Sometimes you have to plant and then once they start to sprout, thin them out. 2) lettuce is definitely easy to grow. 3) you may find slime mold in your beds. Super weird but it’s not harmful. 4) you don’t have to use ALL of your seeds at once, actually spread them out. 5) look up companion planting (lettuce, spinach and strawberries together to increase yield). 6) geraniums are your friend and will keep critters away.
    Greenhouse looks incredible! Great work ❤️❤️❤️

    • Rian Lynn says:

      companion planting is a huge bonus in space like this. Umm, what the word, biointensive gardening? I think is another. Its where things can really grow well together because they dont steal nutrients the other needs, but their roots are also at different levels as well so they dont crowd. It also keeps down on pests, (most pests show up to eat sick plants. Thriving plants produce a “chemical” that repels pests). You probably already know this, but just in case. Love that you brought this up S R! I was so happy with other things It just went over my head but this is super important. Also, if you look into old native american crop rotation it’d keep your soil happy!

    • Linda J Wilson says:

      I can picture grow bags all along the front and middle of this neatest greenhouse!!

    • Melarian says:

      Also look into succession planting so you stagger the harvest over a period of time.

  4. TimeBucks says:

    love watching your journey

  5. Angela Gentry says:

    Getting the soil correct leads to optimal harvest. Most plants 🌱 need at least 6 hours of morning sun ☀️ I hope you have allowed for this. Make sure and get great gardening books from authors that grow organically in Canada in your particular growing zone. Research, research, research and learning lead’s to years of satisfying enjoyment while feeding yourself from your own garden. I know you can do it, you two are amazing. Big Love ♥️♥️♥️

  6. Chuong Doan says:

    Glad to see you guys back! You guys are an inspiration to many people, building things while fighting cancer takes so much power I can’t imagine. So happy Bec looks good and healthy and winning.

  7. Charlotte Schriener says:

    This is pretty exciting, guys. Bec, you look awsome! May I give you some advice about your zucchini in particular? When planting zucchini, it is important to leave plenty of space for the individual plants – about 1.5 to two meters each – because zucchini grow very large. As soon as the seedlings get their first leaves after the cotyledons, you should separate them, you will often read or hear the expression pricking out. And don’t worry about your harvest. On average, up to 20 fruits grow on a zucchini plant.

    • Kat Rey says:

      2 seeds will make a bountiful harvest! I used to garden all my fruits/veggies and can/freeze/preserve, etc. But I never grew zucchini because every single neighbor would and had 5 gal buckets to give away constantly! They take a huge amount of space and strongly suggest having them vine up on a very strong trellis!

    • Melarian says:

      Yes, this! Wear gloves when you mess with them. They get little prickly things on them. Also.. if you don’t want them to go all over stake them so they can grow upwards.

    • S R says:

      Also pokey! So when you do have them too crowded you have to keep up on removing leaves and getting their thorny hair in your hands and it’s not my favorite garden task. 😫

    • Alona Culver says:

      This!! zucchini is a big plant!

  8. Jairon Gomez says:

    Bec, this is the happiest I see you in a long time, and Eamon was goofy as he usually is again, it make me feel the contagious joy that you transmit to everybody, guys you are invincible.

  9. Tiffany West says:

    Van life was so much fun with y’all, but I gotta be honest, I’m lovinggggg the cabin, cottage, homesteading vibes that y’all’s videos have now ♡ and even more than that, I’m so happy you are on your way back to a healthy happy normal!! ♡

  10. Clenato t says:

    A garden to heal the body and soul, love it! They do say talking to your plants help them grow, whether it’s the CO2 you exhale, good vibes, or you just tend to take better care when you love and talk to them. Zucchini is amazing for beginners, but don’t plant too too much as each plant produces a ton of veg! It’s usually the one gardeners are trying to give to everyone because they have so much haha. There’s some really cool stuff on making mini arch trellises for growing beans or peas in beds, might be worth a look! They look cute and beans are great for preserving. One thing my mom has always done, and her mom before, is you try to preserve or freeze a little of each thing you grow. Then on Thanksgiving, you break out all the years harvest for your meal as a celebration of all you grew. Cannot recommend it enough.

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